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K18 PEPTIDE PREP™ pH maintenance shampoo

K18 PEPTIDE PREP™ pH maintenance shampoo

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Color-safe, pH-optimized cleansing shampoo formulated with K18PEPTIDE™

A color-safe, pH-optimized shampoo with the patented K18PEPTIDE™ to effectively cleanse while maintaining hair health, reducing frizz and tangles, preserving color and enhancing shine.

  • pH-optimized
  • microbiome-friendly
  • 17 ingredients + patented peptide

key benefits

Less is more formulation delivers a superior clean without compromise:

Optimized pH cleanses hair and scalp without over-drying

Certified microbiome-friendly formula removes dirt and oil without disrupting the scalp’s natural protective barrier

 K18PEPTIDE™ helps reduce protein loss to keep hair feeling healthy and strong

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